Reinventing the banking profession

Evolve rapidly in an environment swept by far-reaching change

The banking profession has changed radically

Faced with new regulatory constraints, a revolution in customer expectations regarding availability, accessibility, and personalized advice.

The banking profession has changed radically and will continue to do so. For Groupe BPCE, the far-reaching changes in the banking environment are seen as incentives to make it work even more closely with its customers who have become the exclusive focus of the Group’s activities.

Ever closer to its customers

Consumers – who are now more vigilant, more demanding, and increasingly mobile – realize that they are fully involved in the economy. They expect their banker to display an ability to listen to them, and to keep continuous track of their projects. At key moments in their lives or in the life of their companies, they want their banker to be present, and to provide solutions. In Groupe BPCE, thanks to its cooperative and decentralized structure, a banker is an expert who can mobilize extensive consulting expertise while remaining independent when making decisions.

Even more robust

Because what we expect most of all from a banker is robust financial health, Groupe BPCE has reinforced its capital in anticipation of future requirements laid down by the regulators. Groupe BPCE has also improved the degree of precision with which it appraises its risks.

The quality and strength of its relations with its customers represents more than ever a key asset that enables the Group to mobilize deposits over the long term in order to finance the French economy.

Increasingly connected

The very notion of ‘proximity’ has been completely redefined by the advent of the new communication technologies. At any time of the day or night, customers may choose from the array of tools at their disposal. The same customer may choose online banking, mobile apps and contactless payment solutions, which will gain wider acceptance and create a host of new possibilities. For Groupe BPCE, being a banker close to its customers means being present, at the right time, through the right channel.