Corporate Strategy

Plan strat - en bref

Speed up the pace of our development by anticipating the far-reaching changes affecting our environment

The banking and insurance business is entering a new phase in its history with the arrival of new regulations, new technologies, new customer behaviors, the globalization of the economy… a radical change that calls for new forms of development. Our status as a decentralized, multi-brand cooperative group, different from other players in the banking industry, provides us with unique advantages enabling us to set up these new business models.

One Group, several ambitions

What a long way we have come since 2009! We have created a major cooperative banking and insurance group sharply focused on its customers, and we have discontinued all activities of a speculative nature. We have increased the Group’s capital, improved its liquidity, and returned to profit. We have also strengthened our cooperative base: 8.6 million cooperative shareholders – 1.2 million more than four years ago – now own 100% of the capital of the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d’Epargne.
We are playing our role as financiers of the French economy, of its businesses and our regions.

Summary of indicators of Group’s BPCE’s strategic plan : 4 investment priorities

Create banks that lead the field for offline and online relations

Define the Group as a major player in savings to finance its customers

Become a fullyfledged bancassurance specialist

Speed up the Group’s international expansion

3 levers for action

Emphasizing the Group’s difference as a cooperative bank

Investing in the Group’s human capital

Enhancing our collective efficiency

Another way to grow 2014-2017

Strategic plan 2014-2017

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