Covering all the aspects of the banking industry to serve the needs of all our customers

Meeting the expectations of all customer categories

Several well-known subsidiaries enrich Groupe BPCE’s product and service offering both in France and abroad. Because the expectations of different types of customers can vary, Groupe BPCE promotes diversity with subsidiaries having their own clearly defined identity.

Natixis is the corporate financing, investment management, and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE. It provides financial solutions for economic agents both in France and abroad. It also supports the growth of the retail banking networks and provides their customers with products and services in a host of areas such as insurance, wealth management, electronic payment solutions, or consumer credit. With total assets under management worth €570 billion (at September 30, 2012), Natixis is also the 13th largest asset manager worldwide.

Dedicated to business banking and wealth management, Banque Palatine helps its customers to achieve their personal and professional goals. For Banque Palatine, the fact of being a bank working on a human scale close to middle-sized companies is summed up in the slogan “the art of being a banker”. Today, 10% of French companies generating sales of more than €30 million are customers of Banque Palatine.

The mission adopted by Crédit Foncier is to facilitate the financing of all real estate projects. Working with the different players in the housing market and individual customers, it strives to promote home ownership in France.

Developing a close presence around the world

Working outside metropolitan France, BPCE International is comprised of several banks including Banque de Nouvelle Calédonie, BICEC, etc. and fully intends to continue looking for new opportunities in the international arena.

Natixis employs 17,000 people in 35 different countries and pursues its activities in three main geographical regions: North and South America, Asia-Pacific and EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).