Organe central

BPCE SA, the Group’s central institution that plays a pivotal role in the organization of the Group

Serving the Group’s ambitions

BPCE SA is responsible for the strategy, coordination and management of the Group. This shared entity is also answerable to the regulatory authorities for the questions related to capital adequacy and risk management.

Every day, 1,500 people work in BPCE SA to bring all the projects necessary for the Group’s different entities to a successful conclusion.

Missions laid down by law

The French law dated June 18, 2009 is explicit; the key responsibilities of the central institution shared by the Caisses d’Epargne and the Banque Populaire banks are as follows:
    • defining the policy and strategic guidelines of both the Group and its networks,
    • coordinating sales policies,
    • representing the Group and each of its networks before industry bodies and negotiating, on their behalf, national and international agreements,
    • representing the Group and each of its networks as an employer,
    • taking all measures necessary to manage the Group’s liquidity and capital adequacy, and to guarantee effective risk management and internal control mechanisms.

Four guiding principles

BPCE SA intervenes whenever its involvement can prove more effective than action taken by a subsidiary or network working alone. This represents the practical application of the principle of subsidiarity.

When a project would benefit from being managed by a larger number of Group subsidiaries, BPCE SA encourages them to work together. This is the application of the principle of supersidiarity.

The actions taken by BPCE SA are identical for its two retail banking networks, with small differences to account for each brand’s specific identity. This is the application of the principle of consistency.

The approaches adopted are the simplest, the most flexible, and the most up-to-date… even if they call for changes in people’s working habits. This is in compliance with the principle of efficiency.