Equal opportunity


Fostering diversity and equal opportunity

A deep commitment towards our employees

Groupe BPCE has adopted a determined policy regarding disabled employees and takes active measures in favor of equality in the workplace.

Taking a fresh look at disabilities

Groupe BPCE takes concrete steps to promote the professional integration of disabled people, and to help them remain at work, through two industry-wide agreements covering the Banque Populaire banks and the Caisses d’Epargne. In this respect, we have made a number of commitments.

Helping to keep disabled people in their jobs and supporting their professional advancement

A disability reference system has been adopted by each Group subsidiary to assist employees from the moment they begin work. Each situation is unique and subject to a joint analysis to determine what measures should be taken: appropriate equipment, organization of the workstation, transport from home to work, adaptation of the organization of working conditions or schedules. To ensure that a disability does not become an obstacle to professional advancement, our agreements include measures to facilitate access to training for people with disabilities and to help them manage their careers: adaptation of teaching materials, specific training, career reviews with the HR officer, etc.

Encouraging procurement from companies employing disabled people

We have launched an ambitious scheme known as PHARE (“lighthouse” or “beacon” in French) to encourage the sourcing of goods and services from companies employing people with disabilities. As a result, our subsidiaries are increasingly turning to companies of this type for a wide range of services: the cleaning of automatic teller machines, scanning services, creating digital images of checks, document creation and printing, creation of signage systems, window stickers, the branding of promotion items and related logistics, etc.

Welcome to women!

Since the signature of the first group-wide agreement on employment and skills in October 2011, equal opportunity in the workplace has been one of the key features of our labor relations policy.

Concerning gender equality in particular, action plans have been rolled out with a priority focus on three key areas: recruitment, training, and professional advancement. These plans are being gradually implemented in the Group’s different entities with the adoption of concrete measures, such as:

-       Opening all vacancies indifferently to both male and female applicants

-       Having at least one application from each gender in the final recruitment stage for executive positions

-       Ensuring that both men and women enjoy equal access to training

-       Promoting access to managerial and senior management training programs among female employees

Finally, a group-wide association named Les Elles de BPCE (“The Women of BPCE”) was created in 2011 with a view, notably, to promoting mutual assistance among the Group’s female employees. Encouraged by the senior management and female employees, a large number of networks affiliated to this association have been set up within the Group’s subsidiaries.