Groupe BPCE forges national partnerships with universities and front-ranking schools of engineering and schools of business administration in Paris and the different French regions: HEC, EDHEC, ESSEC, ESCP Europe, EM Lyon, Audencia, Néoma business school in Reims and Rouen, the University of Paris Dauphine, the Sorbonne, Centrale-Supélec school of engineering, Sciences-Po Paris (France IAE network).

At the same time, our companies foster relationships with local institutions.

Internships and work/study contracts:

In 2016, 5,000 young people will pursue internships and a further 2,500 will be recruited on work/study contracts across our different businesses.
For Groupe BPCE’s companies, these training periods provide them with an opportunity to showcase their activities and allow the young people to discover the wide range of career opportunities available to them.
We therefore consider it essential to provide meaningful, well-managed assignments offering responsibility and real job experience, and to provide the students with the tools they need to become well integrated in their company.

LStudents are offered a wide and varied choice of assignments:

  • Commercial professions (individual customer advisors, corporate customer account managers, wealth management advisors, etc.)
  • Financial Professions (financial analyst, credit analyst, ALM specialists, etc.)
  • Cross-functional activities (auditing, management control, Information Systems, etc.)

Young graduates:

For the Banque Populaire banks and Caisses d'Epargne – and the subsidiaries of these 2 retail-banking networks – we recruit young graduates having studied for 2 to 5 years in higher education:

  • Retail-banking activities: individual customer advisors, corporate customer account managers, wealth management advisors
  • Finance and cross-functional activities: credit analyst, financial analyst, ALM specialists, auditors, management controllers

The selection process is divided into several stages: shortlisting, video interviews, interviews with a Human Resources officer, and interviews with the managers concerned.
For the Group’s Audit Division (Inspection Générale), we are looking for young graduates who have already completed one or several major internships in banking, finance, insurance or auditing as well as graduates with a significant 2-to-3 years’ initial experience in a bank or audit firm.

  • Internships and work/study contracts


    The aim of the internship is to acquire practical skills, to confirm (or modify) your decision to work in a particular sector or profession, and to enable you gradually to familiarize yourself with the world of work.

    The internship is subject to a binding agreement between the company, your training institution, and yourself.

    • Since November 2009, the remuneration of interns is compulsory for internships lasting longer than two months.
    • Interns are not bound by an employment contract to the companies welcoming them and do not enjoy the status of an employee. They are present in the company to learn and observe.

    However, all interns are required to comply with the company’ in-house rules of conduct: working hours, discipline, rules governing occupational health and safety, etc. in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the company’s operations.

    Work/study contracts:

    In Groupe BPCE, work/study contracts are seen as a major path leading to recruitment on permanent contracts. We are committed to recruiting people already subject to work/study contracts before looking further afield. If your host company wants to hire you but no suitable positions are available, it may invite you to join our pool of staff on work/study contracts to allow all Group companies to have access to your profile. In this way, you will enjoy access to all the professional opportunities available within the Group.

    You can join this work/study scheme via two types of contracts: an apprenticeship contract or a professional training contract.


    Apprenticeship contracts:

    • This type of contract applies to young people aged 15 to 25. The age limit can be extended if you are studying for a diploma or qualification higher than the one you have already obtained (up to a maximum age of 30) or if you are disabled.
    • The apprenticeship contract can be for a fixed or unlimited term. In the second case, if the recruitment is for a permanent position, there is no trial period at the end of the period of apprenticeship.
    • The apprenticeship contract enables students to prepare for a professional qualification, either in secondary education – a vocational training certificate or vocational baccalaureate – or in higher education (higher national diplomat (BTS), technical diploma (DUT), Master’s degree, etc. – or for a qualification listed in the French National Directory of Professional Certifications.
    • The wages paid by the employer are calculated as a percentage of the minimum wage (or minimum collectively agreed wage if the individual on the work/study scheme is older than 21). Remuneration varies from 25% to 78% depending on the age of the apprentice and year of implementation of the contract.

    Professional training contracts:

    • In principle, this system concerns young people aged between 16 and 25 who have dropped out of formal education, in addition to job seekers and employees on permanent contracts. These contracts can also be offered to young university graduates who are continuing their studies.
    • The compensation paid ranges from at least 55% of the minimum wage for young people under the age of 21, to 80% for people aged 21 and above. Pay also varies according to the type of qualifications already obtained. When individuals working under these contracts are older than 26, they are paid 100% of the minimum wage.
    • These contracts are frequently short-term internships, tailored to the company's recruitment needs. The length of the professional training contract is between 6 and 12 months.

    Within our companies, interns and people on work/study contracts are full-fledged members of their teams and perform real professional assignments.

    When the young people start work, they are invited to welcome breakfasts and induction days organized to present Groupe BPCE, the host company, and the HR teams. This provides them with an opportunity to ask questions and to meet the whole community of interns and work/study trainees!

    For many years, Groupe BPCE has pursued a determined policy in favor of the professional insertion of disabled persons and maintaining them in employment.

    With disabled employees accounting for 4.34% of the total headcount, Groupe BPCE is at the forefront of the banking profession in this area, and recruits an average of more than 430 disabled employees every year, including 100 on work/study contracts.

  • Student forums

    Every year, Groupe BPCE Group attends 12 student forums. Come and meet our Human Resources people and banking industry professionals!

    Our representatives are present throughout the year at different events organized in local institutions with which our companies have forged close working relations: job dating, business line presentations, contributions from our professionals in courses and lectures, student forums, etc.

    Student Forums Place Date/time
    Sciences Po    Paris
    Maison de la Chimie
    Friday, September 30, 2016
    Audencia Nantes
    Campus Audencia 
    Friday, October 14, 2016, 10 am – 5 pm
    NEOMA Reims Reims
    Campus NEOMA Reims
    Wednesday, November 9, 2016
    Centrale Supélec Paris
    Palais des Congrès
    Tuesday, November 15, 2016
    NEOMA Rouen Rouen
    Campus NEOMA Rouen
    Thursday, November 17, 2016, 10 am – 5 pm


    Throughout the year, we sponsor and organize student events:

    OJO :

    In 2016, the inter-business school “Omnisport Games” (Organisation des Jeux Omnisport) for which we sponsor athletics, football and wheelchair hockey.


    Dauphine  Master 224 :

    Several events organized in 2016 with students preparing a Master’s degree:

    • The 224 cellars: meeting between students and Groupe BPCE professionals around a wine tasting session.
    • Finance breakfasts: 2 breakfast sessions organized, respectively, on the question of auditing and the Group’s Audit Division (Inspection Générale), and on the topic of professional occupations in banking and finance
    • A meeting of Natixis’ operating personnel in Dubai
    Vidéo Master 224