Audacity in action

Innovating across the board to create new growth drivers

Daring to be innovative is a natural reflex shared by the banking institutions of Group BPCE since their origin. Today, the challenge is all the greater as the commercial, regulatory and technological environment has become more demanding.

The bankers who developed Group BPCE’s companies were pioneers, trailblazers and even, at times, visionaries who never lacked the audacity they needed to bring their projects to a successful conclusion. Today, audacity is a vital prerequisite for success because innovation, more than ever before, is emerging as the principal driver of new growth.

In a mature banking market, customers are demanding increasingly personalized services in exchange for their loyalty. Digital and mobile technologies are challenging consumer habits and the way services are produced. These new technologies are also revolutionizing the everyday work of customer advisors who can now devote themselves entirely to their customers’ needs and offer them the full benefit of their expertise.

The very best of human and digital relations

The new products and services constantly created by the banks in Groupe BPCE reflect its ability to understand the evolving needs of its customers and to meet their expectations for value-added services. The digitizing of banking operations, the possibility for customers to sign documents electronically in their local branches, the spread of mobile internet access along with applications for smartphones and tablet devices, contactless payment systems via smartphone or tweet, etc… are just some of the innovations launched by the Group’s banks, connected to their local communities and close to their clientele.

A group, innovative by nature

The business model of a decentralized, cooperative group proves to be particularly well-suited to innovation. As far as technology and expertise are concerned, the fact of pooling back-office and service functions makes it possible to enhance productivity and efficiency. And regarding the development of new ideas, the diversity of the companies in Groupe BPCE makes it possible to leverage initiatives and enhance performance. The Group’s customers, who remain unaware of this hidden alchemy, continue to enjoy the same close relationships founded on mutual trust with the banker they know well.

A spirit of innovation shared by the Group’s employees

Offering the very best of human and digital relations calls for flexible working methods and the sharing of a veritable spirit of innovation between all the Group’s different employees. The in-house Innovation Trophies, coordination of the innovation reference network, feedback from players active in every sector of our activities, the organization of a Digital Week, etc. all go to illustrate this spirit of innovation, reinforced by an ambitious training policy designed to maintain this momentum.